goin’ to California, maybe

california coastThis year, since i’m still worried about going south of the border, to my first love, with the perfect margarita, the neverending mariachis and the most incredible hand made couture, south of Bergdorf Goodman, I’m thinking California, especially after watching Bottleshocked. The movie really did it for me. I’ve always thought of California as a bunch of wind-generated power stations with an incredible coastline, plus a lot of pollution and movie stars, but now, I’m thinking sunsets and wine, surrounded by a lot of grapes. An added bonus is that I can get there without flying. After all, I did fly to Acapulco last time, only to drive back to Columbus. It was incredible the number of rental cars you can burn through on a trip like that. Nevertheless, we never would have stayed at Hotel Hacienda Cocoyoc, www.cocoyoc.com.mx, if we’d flown from Acapulco. But then, we’d never have been extorted on a u-turn in Mexico City, either, but still. The Coastal Starlight has all kind of cool ammenities, plus a double-decker train that hugs the Pacific coast all the way to Washington state. Check it out on www.amtrak.com. Did I mention that there are 14 day and 30 day passes, with unlimited travel? They also have cool family bedrooms that sleep 4. I couldn’t sleep at all between Atlanta and D.C., but I think it was the fact that those tracks were laid in 1869.