Stormy Philadelphia

Wouldn’t you know, just when you drag a computer up the Eastern sea board, the thing will crash. Nevertheless, I am broadcasting live from the Business Center, Crowne Plaza Philadelphia. This fantastic storm just rolled into the city and is sending shards of electricity through the night sky. It’s really something to see from the 18th floor, despite my partially obstructed view, (there’s a big building directly across from my room. But, after minimal furniture rearrangement, I have the perfect view from the desk chair, that previously sat before a desk that now sits where it should have all along; beside the television). I can’t help it, it’s in my blood. This is our final stop on our Amtrak trip and I have to say, riding Amtrak has actually grown on me. I like the ease of boarding, the roomy seats and the snack bar. And, if my stupid computer worked, I could blog all the way. They even have Starbucks, Tazo Teas and other forms of fun imbibery. You can actually read a book and be rested when you arrive. And everyone in the Northeast was all excited about how riding Amtrak is so much cheaper, ridership is up. Who’d have thought it? Anyway, I have the best ideas for where to stay, one or two on where not to stay, where to eat, (complete with photos) and even fabulous ideas for Christmas gifts. I found all these wonderful shops and artisans along my journey, complete with websites. I can’t wait to share. Right now, my children and husband are up the room watching Horton Hears a Who on payperview and I am due back with hot chocolate, milk and hot tea, plus, it sounds like thunder.

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  1. sounds like you’ve grown to appreciate the Amtrak adventure. It is probably something the boys will love forever!

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