Hurricane Gustav

The beach that was a subtle ripple six hours ago, is churning with the life of an enormous hurricane, somewhere far off from here. Thankfully, it’s not coming straight for Panama City Beach, where I have a front row seat. Instead, it’s bearing left and headed straight for… somewhere west. The sky is suitably dark and the blue and green waves are throwing themselves on the beach, each one trying to outdo the last. There are people with cameras, pointing toward the western sky and their small children, sitting in the surf, feeling the water crash over them. One guy, of course, dove into the water, despite the warnings. And earlier, a couple, at least seventy years old, walked out onto the beach one with a bright pink and the other with a purple intertube float, held close to their sides as they pulled them overhead and waded into the water. They met each swell, holding hands, bobbing, as my children and I looked on. I wondered if they might be swept away, since the local weather said, “no swimming”, “rip-tides are life threatening”.

My mother told me to come home, back to Georgia, and I really almost did. The lady in the office said she wasn’t scared, and, “could you please bring in the deck furniture tonight, on account of the wind”. That only encouraged me to stay. I wouldn’t do anything dangerous, with my children in tow, but every news report says it’s going to New Orleans. My mom doesn’t care. She said Weather Channel said, “storm surge of 20-39 feet”. I reminded her, it’s headed in the other direction. We got disconnected. Did I mention that before we had children, my husband and I spent the night on Nantucket, during Hurricane Bob, back in 1991? I have a picture where the wind, at 100 mph, is supporting us both, as we lean forward. That was quite an adventure. My informal china pattern is Nantucket Basket, all because of Hurricane Bob. That is not to say that hurricanes aren’t dangerous, because they can be, of course. But there is such an awesome beauty about the wind and the water and the convection in the sky. It’s spectacular. So here we are. At the beach, under a tropical storm warning. So far it’s just big frothy green waves and a dark, dark sky. Now, I just walked back inside from the deck and the navy blue clouds have stretched themselves all across  the sky, turning it a dull grey. No more clouds, only solid grey and the waves are licking the dunes.

Britney’s Backstabbing Diet Discussers

Does anyone besides me find the whole Britney Spears diet/renewed abs excitement utterly revolting? I watched three grown women, on, debate the newest attention grabber. They all seemed reasonably intelligent. But, that was before I heard their discussion of Britney’s rise and fall, and rise, so far.

They, of course, recounted her latest atrocities. Not that anyone could have missed them, seeing as how, the press printed every single photo they could find. Nevertheless, she stayed in the limelight. Finally, though, she has managed to get “back in shape”, with her 1200 calorie/day diet. These CNN commentators, women, whose ages ranged from about 25 to maybe 30, were so relieved that Britney had finally gotten her abs back. They discussed, for a full five minutes, the tragedy of her less than perfect body and it’s performance on last year’s VH1 Music Awards. “How could she?”, one asked, “I mean she was in such great shape in all her first videos”. One commentator did say that perhaps, “She shouldn’t be expected to maintain her perfect body her entire life”, and another, “Well she did have two kids…”. This all seemed like poor excuses next to the formerly revered six pack ab status. But the most demeaning comment came from the third commentator who actually said, “And I think she broke a lot of guys hearts too”. Well, we can’t have a bunch of “guys'” hearts being broken, now can we? I mean, just because she very inconveniently gave birth to two children. What the hell was she thinking? Then, she actually had the nerve to get back on the stage and dance, in a midriff baring outfit, absent of her former perfection.

She mistakenly thought that her fans would support her. But obviously, the women were appalled with her abs. And the men are sitting around, pathetic and sulking, due to Britney’s lack of exercise. No one seemed to notice that Britney seemed deperate, tattered, breaking in spirit. They only cared that she was flabby.

I’m thinking, maybe the whole head shave thing was an attempt to distance herself from shallow, like modeled women, (nah).

Anyway, we’re always whining about unreasonable standards set by the fashion industry. But you’d think that three women discussing a third woman, would at least warrant a vote of sisterhood.Tearing each other apart on the basis of appearances, performer or no, it just makes the whole generation seem so shallow, to the point of pity. Is this what’s important to people in their 20’s now, someone else’s abs and the worry of breaking the heart of some poor pathetic loser who so unenlightened, he can’t see past her midriff?

 I’m just proud that the women found it in themselves to apply this fun, but unrealistic standard to the singer. For without girls like them, we might slip up and backslide into a culture that cares about real life problems, or accidentally have an intelligent comment, or something…

But now, thank goodness, Britney has managed to whip herself back into shape. Makes me feel so much better knowing that all these commentators on CNN can avoid embarrassment on her behalf.

Now, can someone please pass these girls a life?

Hurricane Faye and Caroline Kennedy-Obama Ticket

Beached Whale
Beached Whale

According to , Hurricane Fay has beached a whale in Vero Beach, Florida. It dumped 15 inches of rain on Port St. Lucie, Fla. and Orlando has alligators swimming in the streets, due to the flooding. Kind of topsy-turvy world down in Florida right now, I guess.
Sunday, I called a friend of mine that works at a B&B in Key West, after the state evacuated all the tourist. She said, most people weren’t concerned at all, not even boarding up the windows. This was after the Governor declared a state of emergency. According to her, Key West residents go to, before they make any weather related decisions.They were just, “planning on lying around the pool”, what with no customers and all.

CNN also says that Caroline Kennedy could be named as Obama’s running mate. How awesome would that be? Obama, are you listening? Pick Caroline. Talk about an unbeatable ticket! Even Hurricane Faye couldn’t stop the Team of Obama-Kennedy!