What I love about Homeschooling

Its hard to believe that summer is over. The dragonflies days are numbered, even here in Georgia. No more sleeping until 10:21 a.m. ,on the weekdays anyway.
Because we homeschool, I suppose we could sleep that late every day. But, there’s a certain satisfaction in doing all your work, starting at the same time as all other students, and finishing three hours earlier.
The very best thing about homeschooling though, is not doing math barefoot,at your kitchen table. It’s not picking out every book your child will read this year, or finishing school work in four and a half hours. It’s not declaring Backwards Day, or Friday Fun Day, or going to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell instead of reading about it in a classroom. It’s not even Spanish at IHOP. The most fantastic thing is the time you get to spend with your children, instead of sending them away for seven hours a day.
I feel very blessed to have this opportunity. And, I am also happy that I am not running two businesses while homeshooling, (like last year), when I was the proprietor of an inn AND a restaurant. I found that as much as I loved the business I’d built, it seemed to keep me more and more focused on everyone except my family. I would arrange these fabulous dinner parties for 40 people with steak and asparagus, etc. And my family was next door eating mac and cheese. I’d arrange beautiful flowers for the main house, make sure every room was picture perfect, while my own house was an absolute mess. But more than anything, it seemed that my babies were growing up so, so fast. I was afraid I’d turn around and they’d be sixteen.
So, my husband and I sold the whole thing, including our house, to the new owners, and really de-stressed my existence. I only regret that I didn’t do it five years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the challenge and adventure of building a business. I was driven. But somewhere in there, I had an epiphany. I suddenly saw with absolute clarity, it’s all about your family and the everyday little things. I mean, it’s really only about the little things. That’s where the big things are. The things we strive for, the extra stuff that’s acquirable, layawayable, and consumable are all smoke and mirrors. They can’t make your heart sing. The really great stuff is within an armslength. There’s a miracle in every day, just waiting for discovery and I don’t want to miss one spiderweb with dew.
I want to be the one to explain the 2008 Presidential Election, the Olympics, and the clash in Russia. I want to read my children, Little House in the Big Woods. I want to “look at the lizard crawling up the tree by the front porch”, admire temporarily captive baby toads, discuss Batman vs. Ironman, and be able to leave with 30 minutes notice, and go anywhere out of town.
I want to just hang out and soak up every tiny bit of my children growing up. The most incredible experience in the world.

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