Over Hats and Heads

The Iron Writer website is a fun group of writers, held together by the fast and loose strings of the internet. There are Weekly Challenges, where four writers are pitted against one another and the top vote wins. But we also do Weekend Quickies. It’s a photo, an emotion of sorts and an “element”, (that can be almost anything). This week I decided to try my hand at it. Give it a read and see what you think. Please join us, if you are so inclined. We welcome all writers, professional and not. As they say, ” The more the merrier!”. To join, simply email Brian at www.theironwriter.com.

The elements were the photo on the left,  “A portent that provokes fear” and “An infatuation”

forestOver Hats and Heads

I saw him for only a moment, no longer than it would take to draw one breath. Even so, the hands of time dared not march, for there was no drum until fate dealt it’s hand. And now he is here, in the shadows, in every corner of every room, in the light that dances between the trees. Each of my thoughts are consumed by the memory of his countenance and eyes that found mine without effort. We exchanged souls over tops of hats and heads in a crowded room. We became lovers, yet to touch. I am tortured now. I cannot drive him from behind my eyes, where a gruff beard scratches my face before finding my lips, calloused hands enclosing my own. To meet again is not likely. His will is not his own. He’s bound by shackles and chains, charged with thievery. The dungeon is his only maiden. In my desperation, I sought the soothsayer. With beans, grains and seeds, she portends his  narrow escape on the evening of the full moon. So I wait for him here, drowned in darkness, deafened by heartbeat, my captive mind making every breeze, every soaring owl, my love.

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