Vacation-Homeschool Fusion

We are in the second week of homeschool. This year I opted for Sonlight. The advantage of a pre-planned curriculum was very appealing. Let’s just say that last year I sufficiently deluded myself with the idea of creative planning, solely by me. It was pretty cool, picking and choosing from this book and that, but I wondered if I really accomplished everything. And, at least this way, if I follow the plan, I feel confident we will cover everything neccesssary for third and fifth grade.
The books you read in this program,(we selected American History, 1850-present), are wonderful. We are reading Mocassin Trail, and Around the Great Horn Spoon to start. It’s a refreshing change from Captain Underpants. We also are doing Teaching Textbooks math for my fifth grader. This is a highly recommended, (by the homeschool/educational experts of at least a couple of websites). It’s the colorful graphics that my child loves, perfect for boys. And My youngest is doing Horizon Math, also highly recommended.
I usually spend half my computer time in June or July looking up reviews of these different homeschool curriculum. One of my favorites is the Old Schoolhouse website. Although the reviews seem thorough, they are lengthy. For more concise, actual user reviews, go to I prefer that one.
We have changed from an actual Spanish class to Rosetta Stone, or rather we will begin Rosetta Stone as soon as it arrives, after I order it. I am giving my credit card a little time to recuperate.
My husband really wants to spend a month in San Miguel de Allende, in Mexico. It’s one of our most favorite places on earth; really beautiful, really foreign and close to the U.S. And, its 72 degrees year around. Not to mention, the whole town has been declared a national monument, meaning there are no high rises, but instead, beautifully preserved hacienda hotels and villas. They have Spanish immersion classes, art, music and writing classes at the Bellas Artes. Very awesome. That’s my official excuse for procrastinating the start of Spanish this year.
We have a great area we dedicate to homeschooling. It’s home to two Red-Eared Sliders, a baby Box Turtle and a Ball Python. That pretty much defines our “Science Area”. We use Noeo Science, Biology II. We will finish most of it this year (we started last year), but then will begin Noeo Chemistry II. There are lots of colored pictures, internet links, etc.
In addition to Science, we have a Math area, writing area and a “hands on” area. I was inspired by the Montessori method and it works partly because I have children in two different grades. This way, they can do different subjects, in an interesting way, without disrupting the other child.
The whole working quietly without disrupting the other child is a fantasy for me, completely unrealistic, but I can always wish…
Oh, and if you want to join us in San Miguel de Allende, sometime this year, check out Mansion del Bosque. It’s a great hotel, with an expatriate owner. She’s about 80 years old, doesn’t look a day over 65 and her place is reasonably priced, spotless and the food is great!

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