President Obama’s Inspiration

I was so proud of our country today, as I watched the inaugaration with my children and my husband. Our new president with words of hope, humilty, love and acceptance. A nation, with finally, something to cheer about. The fact that nobody booed President Bush, (I was really worried for a minute there). The Isabel Toledo dress worn by Mrs. Obama that was so sparkly and beautiful. Aretha Franklin. The benediction. Sasha and Malia. Two million people in the freezing cold, determined to be a part of history. My children eating “inaugaration doughnuts”,(red, white and blue sprinkles). Telling my children that I have confidence in our president, because he’s a thinking, caring man who has inspired Americans. We have a president who has faith in God, but is not afraid to reach out to those who don’t. Isn’t that what scripture urges? He represents all we know we should aspire to be as Americans, and as Christians. Maybe it’s what we used to be. Or at least what we used to want to be. The American Spirit has been rekindled and it’s in love with the idea of the future.

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