Our Epic Family Vacations

About this time every year, I get the urge to go on vacation. Not just any vacation. It rarely involves a beach. But it alway involves long distances from home, usually hard won. For several years, we drove to Central Mexico from Columbus, Georgia. I do hate to fly. But even more than that, I love to pack up and leave to destinations not entirely known. Just like those 70’s summers, so long ago. We explored everything we could find. It was an adventure. I wish every family could experience this. I guess I am lucky, owning my own business and having an artist for a husband affords us greater time away from our everyday lives. And, it brings us all together for a few weeks, without Modern Warfare, the computer and cable. Maybe I subliminally want to take my kids back 35 years to the awesome summers of my youth.

Three years ago we took Amtrak to Maine. We stopped in Washington, D.C. for a couple of nights, then New York and Boston. Once in southern Maine, we rented a car and drove all the way to Acadia National Park and back. Acadia was beautiful, but my favorite part was staying at the inns and exploring the little fishing villages, especially in Southern Maine. I think the best meal I had was in a mom and pop diner in Maine. We walked into this place with 15 tables, red and white gingham tablecloths and ordered the fried fish sandwich. It came in a paper sandwich boat with fries. Best fish sandwich I’ve ever eaten, they even have this big playroom for kids and an adult part for gaming, this was awesome we actually spend quite sometime there, just because of the game selection, if you wantt to¬†Know More you can check it . Then we walked into town, where they had a permanent carnival, with rides and candy stores, (and a laundromat, thank goodness). They had this popcorn store called, Two Brothers Popcorn. It was awesome. You could sample the popcorn. My favorite was Lemon! Yum! And you could watch them make it.

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