Obama: A spirit of hope

As someone who voted for Obama, I was surprised to be moved by Mccain’s concession speech. He came across as level headed, fair and likeable. It’s really ashamed he didn’t take that tone earlier. He hurt his chances by going on the attack. If he would have shown us the McCain from last night; caring, compassionate, unifying, it could have been a different outcome.  It was easy to imagine him as a potential president as he spoke of his respect and love for his country. The nasty tone, albeit typical in a political race, stole away what made him special. He chose to try and discredit another, instead of showing us his great leadership potential. I can’t help but wonder if this is a Republican thing. Is this what they encouraged him to do? Did they also encourage him to choose Palin? She’s likeable and probably genuine, but I am not sure Americans felt confident about electing her. Somebody up there in the Republican camp is not using good judgement. I think McCain and Palin could have gotten elected if they’d “been themselves”, especially McCain. 

For the most part, Americans voted against the current government. In Obama,  Americans see potential. Obama’s election reminds us of who we can be, as a populus and as individuals, no matter where we begin. He has indeed become the nations first African-American president, but more importantly, he carries the torch of hope through a dark time for many Americans.

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