Ninja Bread Men

photo (1)I still have my tree up. It still smells fantastic and I can’t bear to throw it out. I am usually the superstitious type. I have been known to unplug it and set it on its side, on the way out the door to a New Year’s Eve party. But not this year. The tree is still gorgeous. It was delivered on December 2nd. Today is January 2nd and there are few dropping needles. We stopped watering it around December 15th. I think I will take this an omen for a verdant and possibly fruitful new year, (if not fragrant!).It is rainy here in Georgia and the lights are just beautiful, the way they always are against a grey day. Plus, I finally realized that I spend the last two weeks of Christmas rushing around, cooking, cleaning, baking and wrapping. I haven’t gotten the opportunity to just hang out by the fireplace with the tree. So, I will carry on the German tradition this year. The Twelve Days of Christmas begin on Christmas Eve. Plus, that gives me a few more days to make those Ninja Bread Men I promised. ninja

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