I thought for sure the economy was turning around this week. I heard there was a “glimmer”. I even know someone who knows somebody that sold a house. But then the stock market lost another 300 points. And I read on cnn.com that Microsoft is up for 11 million dollars in stimulus money to build a bridge from one part of Microsoft to the other. I know it’ll provide jobs and all, but it seems a little concentrated. Can’t we spread it around a little bit? And doesn’t Microsoft have enough money already? They probably need the bridge to move the money around from one side of the street to the other, because they have so much of it, it needs to breathe, to keep it from getting moldy or something. I mean, I like stimulus money, but does anybody have a clue about what is sensible with this stuff? It’s like, “let’s pick the most outrageous and seemingly least needy┬ásector and give them more money”. I’m worried. Who isn’t? I don’t think anybody knows how to fix this mess and I think the stimulus stuff is snowballing into a joke. It’s like a good idea gone wrong and maybe getting worse. Lots of people say these various industry giants, like GM should be allowed to fail. There is a reason for these natural corrections. And it is starting to seem like throwing good money after bad. Is there no end to the money we are throwing away? It’s still going to the “big people”. Where’s the thing that’s going to save the millions that have lost their jobs? 11 million may not seem like a lot from the other side of a trillion, but from this side, it seems like an awful lot.

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