Hurricane Faye and Caroline Kennedy-Obama Ticket

Beached Whale
Beached Whale

According to , Hurricane Fay has beached a whale in Vero Beach, Florida. It dumped 15 inches of rain on Port St. Lucie, Fla. and Orlando has alligators swimming in the streets, due to the flooding. Kind of topsy-turvy world down in Florida right now, I guess.
Sunday, I called a friend of mine that works at a B&B in Key West, after the state evacuated all the tourist. She said, most people weren’t concerned at all, not even boarding up the windows. This was after the Governor declared a state of emergency. According to her, Key West residents go to, before they make any weather related decisions.They were just, “planning on lying around the pool”, what with no customers and all.

CNN also says that Caroline Kennedy could be named as Obama’s running mate. How awesome would that be? Obama, are you listening? Pick Caroline. Talk about an unbeatable ticket! Even Hurricane Faye couldn’t stop the Team of Obama-Kennedy!

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