48 Hours on Facebook

I tried Facebook this week. After a random sampling of my dinner party guests last weekend, I found that most of them were not “on” Facebook. But some of my most favorite people are on Facebook. So, I decided to sign up. I created a password, invited friends and family┬áto be my friend. And there I was, on Facebook. I visited their “walls”, took tests to find out what food I was, (chocolate), that I should live in New York and that the president I am most like, is Calvin Coolige. Really. One friend was super active on his Facebook page with lots of friends commenting and photoshopping, tagging and handing out super-sharp and incredibly clever quips. I spent the better part of two days between my Facebook e-mail and my regular e-mail. Ihad to create a new gmail account because when one of my friends invited me last summer, I wanted to be anonymous. So, when I decided to be the real me, I had to have an e-mail that wasn’t someone else’s, even though it was mine. Weird, I know. I tried to find high school friends and I did find a few. I also nosied around in everyone else’s facebook “friend” list, just to see who was out there. I had to block the ability for my friends to see any post, for fear of offending my more conservative friends. This happened mostly due to the fact that one of my best friends had photoshopped himself wearing a blonde wig, then put his face on two sumarai warriors, plus two gigantic sumo women feeding each other cake, while wearing bikinis. Really. And if you know this person, that’s totally him. He’s a giant sumo woman wearing a bikini and feeding cake to another sumo woman, wearing a bikini, and his face. Anyway, I couldn’t reconcile my homeschool friends to my high school best friends with a talent for photoshop. But mostly, it takes up way too much time. I kept wondering, “don’t these people have other stuff they want to do, like lay around and watch t.v., or talk incessantly on the cell phone?”. Maybe if I’d had a better grip on Photoshop…

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